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Festive Homemade Garlands

Festive Homemade Garlands
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As Christmas approaches our homes will start to look more festive decorated with Christmas trees and sparkly lights. If you want to decorate your home without breaking the bank why not try out our homemade festive garland, made from dried oranges, guaranteed to put you in the festive spirit with the addition of a gorgeous, natural scent! 

1. Slice a large orange and place on a baking tray, pop in the oven at a low temperature for around 3 hours, turning occasionally. 



2. Once ready let the orange slices cool down. 




3. When orange slices have cooled, attach them to mini pegs ( these ones were bought off Amazon), the mini pegs were then pinned to a hessian jute string. 


 4.  Pin orange slices evenly along the string...then ta-da! You have a garland ready to hang up in your home. 



















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