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SS20 Precious Stones

SS20 Precious Stones
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We have a range of gorgeous stone in our jewellery collection which has many benefits both for a gorgeous accessory as well as many healing properties. 

M a r b l e   S t o n e

Marble is a stone for protection, strength and stability in your home and heart. It can enhance your thoughts and inspire your artistic creativity. 

S n o w f l a k e   O b s i d i a n   S t o n e

Our snowflake obsidian stone is a stone of purity with calming and soothing properties. It provides mental and physical balance as well as helping you to release negative thoughts and stressful patterns.

D a l m a t i a n   J a s p e r   S t o n e

Dalmatian Jasper has energetic properties bringing out our playful nature. It benefits those with negative thoughts and those who are over analytical by enabling composure and carefulness. It also is supportive of family, a calming aesthetic, and loyalty.

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